Cap & Gown Mini Sessions – Class of 2023

Graduation Day is finally approaching! It’s an exciting, but busy time! Cap & Gown Mini Sessions are perfect for the high school senior who wants quality portraits in his/her cap and gown without having to rush around on graduation day!

So why do a Cap & Gown Mini Session?
Here are 5 Good Reasons!

  1. You only graduate High School once!
  2. Perfect for Digital Graduation Announcements, Invitations or Thank You Cards!
  3. With the excitement of graduation day, don’t miss that important moment with a blurry cell phone picture.
  4. The one photo that is usually captured at graduation as you walk the stage is very hit and miss. In my personal experience at my high school and college graduation, the photo was terrible. Cap & Gown Mini sessions gives you the chance to capture your excitement while you celebrate your achievements!
  5. You deserve it! You have worked hard to get to this milestone, celebrate!


Each mini session will be approximately 15 minutes and comes with 4 high-resolution digital images to download with access to a private online gallery for you and your parent to choose from. Each gallery will have up to 10 images to choose from. Additional images and prints are available for purchase if you wish.


Book two sessions back-to-back for a group of friends up to 5 graduating seniors. Split evenly, that’s only $50 per person!


  • It is advised to dress appropriately under the gown (wear something nice, maybe even what you plan to wear to graduation)
  • Dark pants and a dress shirt, optional tie
  • Lightweight dress or a blouse and skirt that is shorter than the gown so it does not hang below the robe
  • Shoe choice does matter and may be photographed!
  • Color choice partly depends on what color your cap and gown are, and varies depending on your school
  • If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out and ask
  • Keep in mind that graduation gowns wrinkle very easily! Be sure to iron or steam your gown (whatever is advised from the manufacturer) and keep it hung until you put it on at your portrait session
  • I will not be responsible for wrinkles and any additional editing to attire may require an added fee.
  • Bring your cap, tassel, gown, hoods, cords, etc.
  • Tassels are worn on the right side at the start of the graduation ceremony, and are flipped to the left when graduates receive their diplomas