aceIN photography


aceIN photography is a boutique studio owner, residing in Lake Orion but am I’m a Detroit girl through and through, and so proud to work in and around the detroit area. I first took an interest in photography during my early years, photographing friends and family. Now I photograph senior, family & styled sessions. all sessions are captured on location (local park, your home, urban areas and more).​

Families & styled sessions are a blast, but working with seniors is basically my favorite thing in the entire world. Your infectious energy generates hilarious outtakes, and your deep emotions inspire arrestingly beautiful portraits. You love to pose, you know how to have fun, and you aren’t afraid to be your authentic selves.
I tend to be extra-relaxed during stressful times and sensitive moments, which puts my subject instantly at ease. (Even if you’re painfully camera-shy, I can coax you out of your shell. Promise.)

I cannot live without:
– coffee- my pups {bailee & maisie}
– netflix
– … and ryan gosling!

xoxo ~ michelle

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